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It is important to keep the reader in mind when developing a mobile web page. If you have exactly the same thing as you do on regular websites formatted for a computer, the experience is going to be more than frustrating for the reader to find where they want to go on your site. Too much text, links, and images make the mobile web browser load slow and requires too much scrolling and adjusting the size of the screen. To make it easier for your readers, who generally know exactly what they want to find from their mobile phone, our mobile web page design will be easy for readers to access using a smartphone.

Mobile Web Page Design Features

  • No Flash
  • Limited text that is easy to read
  • Links to information most commonly needed from a mobile device, including contact information
  • Limited images
  • Linked map of your location

We will make your mobile web page reflect your regular web page without the unnecessary features that just get in the way for smartphone users. Since not all phones can handle Flash, we will remove all of it and replace it with uncluttered text that does not require readers to continually adjust the screen size to read the text. We add links that are spread apart so readers will not accidentally touch the wrong one. Without all these add-ons, your readers will find what they want in record time and experience minimal loading times.

Reasons to Create a Mobile Web Page

Apart from making it easy for readers to navigate your website on their mobile phone, we will make your mobile web page more user-friendly. Our design created to make it simple for readers to contact you via phone or email. All they have to do is touch the link and verify that they want to call you or their phone will automatically open their email application and create a new message using your email address.

Plus, we can incorporate easy links for readers to go to your company blog or to get a map of your location. We know this is vital as readers are already on the go and want an easy way to find out exactly where you are in relation to their current location without having to find and manually type in your address to get directions.

Readers who type in your regular website address on their phone will automatically be taken to the mobile web page. If readers want to find your regular website we can easily place a link to it on the mobile page.

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