Few years ago, the words’ Social Media Consulting, Social Media Marketing and Social media manager are never heard anywhere. Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter change the way we do business, interact and communicate online. YouTube is another social media site that employs the use of video among its members. Today people are more connected to each than before.

New careers emerge because of the need created by social-networking sites. Facebook that came a few years after MySpace becomes a huge platform where people visit every day. It is the most second visited website in the whole world. It boasts a membership of more than 700 million members. Big corporations see this as a way to market their products and services to the members. Then the words’ Social Media Consulting and Social Media marketing came to play. Social media marketing is the process of attracting traffics to one’s website via
social media sites.
Social Media Consulting is a process where a company that is good in social media marketing consults for other companies on how to market to the social media crowds. This article is will use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as the case study, we are using Facebook because it is the biggest of them all. And also because Facebook has many features that make connecting and reaching the members easier than the rest. It is easy to create a company page and fan page on Facebook. Twitter a micro blogging site makes use of tweets to reach out to customers and YouTube where within a few minutes, you can create video that will reach millions of people within a few days.

The Social Marketing Consultants make use of these features to market their client’s products and services. They also make use of the advertisements’ platform on Facebook to market. The Pay Per Click cost of Facebook is cheaper than Google, who popularize it in the first place. Though it is cheaper, but companies must know, how to write and place the adverts or else the advert will be rejected. This is where the Social Media Consultants come in, they know, how to write effective ads, the keywords that convert and how to place it to receive approval from Facebook instantly.

A company with a twitter account can announce his services, products and new prices with a single tweet. The company has to employ the services of Social Media Consultants to get followers because the more followers you have, the more people you reach with your message. In 2011, Starbuck has more than 20 million followers on Twitter; this enabled them to communicate to their customers everyday on new promotion, pricing and products. The followers were gathered by the strategies set up by the Social Media Consultant.
Social Media Consulting uses also the power of YouTube to market to customers of their clients. They create good promotional video of their clients company and upload it to YouTube and other video sites. They have the expertise of promoting the video and make it go viral.

Social Marketing Consulting and Social Marketing is very relevant in this internet age. If you are not using this marketing strategy in your business, you will be left behind.

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