Talk about a global market and Facebook comes to mind. Every wise business owner will know a great opportunity when they see it. Most great entrepreneurs marketing online will have pages on Facebook. Facebook marketing is becoming popular by the day as an online marketing strategy. Multibillion dollar companies use Facebook advertising as a top advertising strategy for their businesses.

No more worrying about paying extra to do your monitoring and evaluation analysis on how effective your ads are. With Facebook marketing, the M&E takes care of itself. You can easily keep track of viewers of your advertisement, visitors to your page and your popularity. By the number of people who have liked your ad, you can gauge how many people your services and products are appealing to. Drive traffic to your website and webpage through Facebook. You can now build close relationships with your clients effectively through social media. You get to build yourself and your business a tight community of your own. For your business to flourish you have to form great relationships with your target market. Facebook Marketing is a great place to start building those relationships.

Social media marketing has its dos and don’ts. So if you choose to Facebook marketing here are a few things you don’t want to commit. Facebook marketing is about socializing and interaction. So broadcasting yourself or your company will not work for the best for you. What you want to do is form a fan base to interact with. This boosts your trustworthiness. Having fans, who can testify positively for you, is like an authenticity certificate that works volumes for getting your market to trust your products or services. Another thing you don’t want to do is to leave your Facebook page unattended. You have to be active. Marketing will not do itself; you need to continually engage your market. Give them a reason to visit and like your Facebook page from time to time. Entice them with new content, news, offers and updates on you and your company. You need to be worth following.

Facebook has a lot of cool tools at your disposal as a Facebook marketer. Put them to good use. The profile image gives you a chance to brand yourself. Choose the right image and make sure it is properly captured. A common mistake made by people with the profile picture is that they fail to notice only a few elements getting captured in there. Set it right so your pick is what you want people to see. Tag your fans to your albums and photos, use contests and polls, all these are great Facebook accessories. Also keep in mind people probably join Facebook because they want to get social and run away from boredom. Do not let your Page be boring and same old same old! No one will be attracted to your page if they get their only to find the same thing they were trying to get rid off when they became part of the Facebooking community. Make it exciting, thrilling and enticing. Give your page life and juice. Don’t limit your commenting and updating to your wall only. Use Facebook search and look for groups and people in your field and increase your credibility. Reward your fans too and make them feel appreciated.

Facebook has its terms and conditions for all its users. Read them and make sure you don’t break them. Yes, Facebook people will sniff you ought and penalise you. So in your exploring your creativity and innovation for your Facebook Advertising, respect the law and reap the ultimate benefits.

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