Google Adwords can increase your sales and leads via targeted traffic at a very competitive cost or It can also be a huge waste of money.

Google Adwords gives you the immediate opportunity to stay on top of search engine results and also appear on Google’s partner websites. By appearing on the top of Google Paid results will deliver instant traffic that in turn increase your sales and leads. Google Adwords allows you to develop an overall Digital Marketing strategy for your business.

Digital Labz LLC have been a leading Google Adwords management company since 2004. Our Adwords management services helps clients to get the benefits of the Google adwords program with less cost and better results with a good Return on Investment (ROI) and increased sales and leads to your business.

Here’s what we’ll do for you to jump start your Adwords account management:

1) Identify the right and highly targeted keywords related to your products and services.
2) Competitive Analysis of your competitors PPC Campaign what keywords they are targeting.
3) Creating a extensive negative keyword list to increase your CTR and reduce unwanted clicks.
4) Make sure your most targeted ads is getting the search results.
5) Restructure your adwords account to increase CTR, improve quality scores, increase conversion rates and get a Good ROI.
6) Review your landing page goals to get maximum conversion.

 Our Google Adwords Qualification

Google Adwords Certified Experts
8 Years Industry Experience Managing Small to Large Campaigns
Successfully Managed over $2,000,000 in ads so far.