Drupal CMS Development in Houston TX

Drupal was released in 2001 as an open source CMS (Content Management System) for developing content management websites, government websites, community websites, social networking websites, blog sites, corporate websites and more. Its distribution is done under the GNU General Public License.

Drupal development supports a number of software frameworks including PHP, AJAX, JAVA, Flash Flex together with web servers-MariaDB, MySQL, Apache, Microsoft SQL server, SQLite and PostgreSQL. Moreover, it is cross-platform compatible which is a great bonus.

Advantages include the following:
• Drupal development is cost-effective by virtue of being an open source framework
• There are many add-ons, templates and themes available
• There is no license fee
• Free updates available
• Can be used for both dynamic and CMS websites
• Supports wide range of software frameworks
• Can be used to build multilingual websites

Drupal CMS is popular with developers because of the following features integrated in it:

Without custom programming, Drupal development allows one to build an internal and external facing website in a short time. A developer does not therefore need to start from the start when building a new site. One can preset the configuration of site functionalities as well as features using a tool for Drupal distribution and multi-site configuration.

Drupal development supports various types of content which include blogs, podcasts, text, polls and video with functionality that is easy to manage, user management, real-time statistics as well as menu handling.

It supports user permission and creating of new user accounts. This way, an administrator is able to assign different roles, as per priority, expertise and experience to different developers.

Design and Display
Thousands of Drupal themes and templates are available as well as room for a developer to come up with a unique one of their own.

It is worth noting that Drupal can help develop social networking sites where control of the type of user content is held by the stakeholder. This applies to blog sites too. This control is on what is published and interactions towards and with this content.

Organize and Find
Drupal CMS gives one the ability to organize. You can create URLs automatically and custom lists too.

It has modules exceeding 6000 available, which helps increase the potentiality that exists in the process of web development.

Using the Content Construction Kit, one can create special fields containing texts and URLs. You can even insert videos, images and interactive charts with this field

With Reroute Email, one can intercept outgoing emails and reroute them to a preconfigured address in a Drupal site. Developers who may not want email to reach users e.g. when the test server is being worked on.

For those in business, Drupal development helps customize content that increases search engine ranking and therefore return on investment Moreover, for installation, there is no requirement of technical know-how other than the basics.

Drupal development is an excellent CMS with numerous features and benefits and is recognized worldwide.

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